Our Areas of Practice

Business Formation - Licensing and business registration and permits are covered by State laws. We work with new and prospective business owners to aid the purchase or structuring of a new business. Chuck Peterson, Cassie Dellwo, Casey J. KosteleckyChristina M. Wenko

Commercial Law - (also referred to as Business Law) covers most aspects and transactions of the business spectrum, including management and operations; bankruptcy; contracts; sales, buying and selling business entities and their components. Chuck Peterson, Jason Henderson

Creditors' Rights & Mortgage Default Services- Set of procedural provisions designed to protect the ability of creditors- persons who are owed money - to collect the money that they are owed. These provisions may include the ability of a creditor to put a lien on a debtor's property, to effect a seizure and forced sale of the debtor's property (foreclosure). The rights of a particular creditor usually depend in part on the reason for which the debt is owed, and the terms of any writing memorializing the debt. Jason Henderson, David Piper,  Cassie Dellwo, Casey J. Kostelecky

Estate Planning & Probate -Estate planning is the process of developing a plan for the management of your assets during life, disability, and death.  A successful estate plan can mean minimizing taxes for gifting and upon death. Chuck Peterson, Christina M. Wenko 

Oil, Mineral and Gas - (Natural Resource Law) Leasing, conveyance, clearing of title to minerals including oil, gas, coal and wind and dormant mineral claims.  View Brochure Chuck PetersonCasey J Kostelecky

Real Estate Law - Law of dealing with real estate, real property, property rights and interests, buying and selling real property, homeowner’s rights, landlords and rental property, and much more. It governs personal interests in property, such as rights of ownership, establishing property title, requirements in sales and transfers of property, and settlement of claims against property. Real estate law also covers property development, agricultural concerns, zoning and property land use, real estate lending, and foreclosures. Chuck Peterson, Jason Henderson, Cassie Dellwo

Family Law - Family law covers rules for living together, prenuptial agreements, marriage, divorce, alimony, and mediation, along with the laws on domestic violence, child support, child custody and visitation, and adoption.  Casey J Kostelecky, Christina M. Wenko

Litigation - Litigation refers to the resolution of conflicts through the use of the Court system, and the procedural rules governing lawsuits.  Mackoff Kellogg assists individuals and business in all types of litigated dispute resolution, which includes, but is not limited to contract, personal injury, corporate, real estate, oil and gas and business litigation.  We have the experience to represent your interest at all phases of litigation, including trials, but we endeavor to obtain an outcome that focuses on achieving the client's goals, in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible.

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